Monday, November 25, 2019

17C Even the Girls Played Golf

Attr to Pieter de Hooch (Dutch genre painter, 1629-1684) 

1650 Peter Lely (English artist, 1618-1680)  The Children of the Markgraaf de Trazegnies

1660 Pieter de Hooch (Dutch genre painter, 1629-1684) The Little Golf Players

17C Garden in Portrait of 2-year-old Girl

 1606 Unknown artist, Lettice Newdigate age 2

 1606 Unknown artist, Lettice Newdigate age 2

She has a feather in her 17C cap

Jean Leblond 1605-1666 Bradamante;  François Ragot (Print made by); Young woman, bust-length; hat adorned with feather, chin-length curly hair, pearl necklace with lozenge-shaped pendants and dress trimmed with lace

Love these 17C roses!

 1654 Countess Beata Elisabeth von Königsmarck attributed to Hendrick Munnichhoven

Hendrick Munnichhoven (even Hendrik Munnikhoven, and Münnichhoven), probably was born in Stockholm. The Swedish artist died in August 1664 in Stockholm.
Portrait of Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie with his wife Maria Euphrosyne attributed to Hendrick Munnichoven, 1653. (He is so bejeweled & befeathered.)

17C Party on the Terrace

1620 Esaias van den Velde (Dutch painter, 1587-1630) The Garden Party