Monday, November 25, 2019

17C Royal & Aristocratic Ladies posing with their Horses

 1617 Paul van Somer (Flemish artist, 1576-1622) Queen Anne of Denmark. (Happy to see the brick-walled garden in the background.)

(The garden historian in me seems to be compelled to comment on these garden & landscape components.)

 1620 Marie de Medici on Horseback, Unknown artist of the French School. (The garden here has a row of trees directing the viewer's site from the built environment to the natural landscape beyond.)

 1630s Claude Deruet (French artist, 1588-1660) Madame Saint-Baslemont. Madame de Saint-Baslemont de Neuville Became a female warrior, as she actively defended her manor in 1634. During the Thirty Year War. This commemorative portrait was painted in 1638-1640 showing the determined woman wearing the white scarf of the commanding officers of the French crown. (There are even rectangular garden beds in the background.)

 1634 Diego Velazquez (Spanish artist, 1599-1660) Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain. (Happy to get a look at a few garden parterres & amp; a tiered fountain here.)

 1635 Diego Velazquez (Spanish artist, 1599-1660) Elisabeth of France, Queen of Spain

 1648 Jean de Saint-Igny (French artist, c 1600-1649). Anne of Austria, Queen of France

 Joseph Parrocel 1670s (1646-1704) Madame La Duchesse de la Ferte

 Casimira 1670s Mary, Queen of Poland

 1670s Pierre Mignard (French artist, 1612-1695) Françoise Angélique de La Mothe Houdancourt, Madame la Duchesse d'Aumont. (Particularly fond of the garden with a depiction fairly complicated fountain component.) 

 1675 Joseph Parrocel (1646-1704) Madame La Comtesse de Saint Geran ago by Pierre Mignard (French artist, 1612-1695)

 1679 Francisco Rizi (Spanish artist, 1608-1685) Marie Louise of Orleans, Queen of Spain

 1680 Jean-Baptiste Martin, known as Martin des Batailles (French artist, 1659-1735) Olympe Mancini, Comtesse de Soissons

 Joseph Parrocel 1680s (1646-1704) Portrait of the Duchess Louise of Portsmout on horseback

1693 Luca Giordano (Italian artist, 1634-1705) Maria Anna of Neuburg, Queen of Spain